Packaging and branding go side by side. Packaging plays a key role in terms of offering goods, design, right positioning and proper display of the package to expose brand. Packing and branding are interlinked to each other. Both of them are equally considered as the powerful tools for sales and promotion.

We offer various types of package printing which can be paper stock, matte, glossy, full color, black and white and other customized inks. All packs sizes, shapes and finishing like pasting, eyelet, threading will be according to your requirements.

These are some examples of labels which we print according to your requirements are:
  • Paper bags
  • Box
  • CD/DVD Pack
  • Tea Box
  • Spice
  • Popcorn Pack
  • Burger box
  • Hot dog Box
  • Roll Wrap
  • Soap Case
  • Cosmetic Pack
  • SIM Card Pack
  • Frame

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