Printing at SAMA is an exercise in excellence, that ensure our customers the best in color, quality, detail, precision, and unprecedented possibilities to choose from in not only newspaper printing services but for all print related needs.


Since color is the very essence of our existence we ensure you the best color using a Swiss densitometer to guarantee color consistency. SAMA’s KomoriLithrone S540 Printer offer 5-additional unit to print special color, with this 5-color machine gives the exact hue required. Spot or Metallic, helps to plan the jobs with special color apart from the process color.


SAMA believes that color fades and vision are fleeting, one thing that stand test of time is “Quality.” Our superior quality of print and enhanced productivity has been proven many times over. We also have taken the levels of automation to higher levels with all the controls located on operating panel for your convenience and operating ease.


For SAMA precision takes primary place. As Computer to Print (CTP) plates are done in two sets of Kodak Tredsetters an innovative feature that gives first generation dots on plate and produces sharper images, by exposing directly on to thermal plate. In addition, we also have the ability to print at 10 microns providing you unrivalled detailed print quality.


In Pre-press activities for photo corrections and retouching, digital imposition is used.Computer To Press (CTP) machine from Kodak, the standards for print quality in Nepal have been further elevated as this technology serves the dual purpose of cutting down the print-cycle duration and more importantly producing output quality to rival international standards.
For Press, SAMA has Web offset and Sheet-fed Machines to ensure greater choices. The flexibility that they offer helps us to be cost effective and print at high speed with efficient printing solutions eyes.
For Post Press, SAMA is equipped with entire range of high-speed machines for book binding with increased productivity for soft case books. Automatic folding machine which has 4 knife automatic folding option. It can fold up to 32 pages forms. We also have a six book clamp Perfect Binding Machine with an inbuilt automatic creasing option. In addition to that we also have a Programmable Cutting & Trimming machine and a 3-knife Trimmer. We also have an Automatic Centre Stitching machine with continuous forms feeding, Automatic Four Head Stitching and online trimming.


SAMA offers UV coating, which can be full or spot coating, Aqueous coating, available in gloss, matte & satin, and UV Varnish coating, available in gloss & matte. We offer both cold and thermal lamination options. We extend choices of high gloss, matt and velvet in thermal lamination.


SAMA, possibilities comes up with paper options which include translucent, synthetic and non-tree based, which can be used for invitations, are waterproof and can provide interesting textures and colors respectively.

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