The processes and procedures that occur between the creation of a print layout and the final printing is called prepress. In this prepress process it includes manufacturing of a printing plate, image carrier or form, ready for mounting on a printing press, adjustment of image text and high- quality of print file.

At SAMA we have a separate trained team that works on raw img before feeding in to the production.

Prepress Strength:

• For photo corrections and retouching digital imposition is used.
• Preps are used to impose the digital file through the software as planned. It improves productivity and reduceserrors at the initial stage of page processing. Use of less manpower and save time.
• Creo Preps is a program that impose thousands pages in one hour.
• Computer to Print (CTP) Kodak Trendsetter is the key element for improving stability of printing business, to achieve best quality, efficiency, profitability and environment goal.
• CTP are capable of resolution of output of 2400 dpi. CTP plates are done in two sets of Kodak Trendsetters an innovative feature which gives first generation dots on plates and produce sharp images.
• Hybrid screening allows for smooth transition in the mid tones and maintain detain in the shadow. It is useful in rendering process tints, thin rules and small process-build text.
• Color management system (CMS) is guaranteed as it uses Swiss densitometer and CIP3 profile transfers from CTP to printing machine.
• CIP3 is digital ink management software that supplies the digital ink profiles to the printing press.
• CMS maintains color consistency throughout the prepress and printing process.

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