Post Press

For Post-press SAMA has entire range of high speed and efficient machineries for cutting, folding, gathering, saddle and side binding.
Programmable cutting machine:This machine is equipped with CIP function which generates a cutting programme including graphical visualization in seconds. The pre-press data can be re-called itself, with push of button. It functions are available as single cut programmed cut and repeat cut.

Side gathering machine

This machine is equipped with latest fault detection system for no signature and multiple signature detection. A rejection tray ensures elimination of faulty gathered signatures without stopping the machine.This can gather 3500 books per hour with stitching.

Folding Machine

This enables various folding format and is capable of handling sheet size 28” x 40”, and make 4 fold up to 32 pages with speed of 12000 per hour.

Perfect Binding

These are gathered into a book and the edges of the spine are ground off (or notched). When this book block is glued into a paper cover, the glue that attaches to the spine can flow into the ground-off areas. The covers and book blocks are then trimmed flush. Perfect binding involves only gluing the spine to the cover. This includes strip milling system which eliminates dust, three roller gluing system with head and tail cut-off, separate side gluing, online cover feeding and creasing.

Flowline Centre Gathering

Its automatic center stitching machine with continuous forms feeding with automatic stitching heads and inline trimming. The production speed is 8000 books per hour.

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

It is an unique automatic numbering and coding machine through laser print heads. VDP also has form feeding, auto delivery, database for numbering and bar coding.
3-Knife Trimming (3KT): 3KT are essential to produce books with perfect square spine. The cycle cutting is 8000-10000 books per hour.


Stitched through the fold with staples made of thin wire. These books can lie flat. However, saddle-stitching only works for shorter books of up to 80 pages or so. These books also have no spine on which to print a title.


Side stitched books are essentially loose sheets of paper stapled together. A paper cover can be wrapped around the entire stack and glued to form a printable spine. 

Wire-O and Spiral Binding

 Wire-O is a series of parallel wire loops attached along a wire, while spiral binding is a metal or plastic continuous loop passing through the punched holes in a spiral from the top to the bottom of the book. Neither binding method will accept as many pages as GBC. Also neither provides a printable spine or allows for pages to be added or removed.

Plastic Coil Binding

This is just like spiral binding. Since wire can be crushed, plastic is a strong. Also, plastic coil bindings come in multiple colors.

Tape Binding, Post Binding, and Velo Binding

 In the first case, the covers and book pages are taped together over the binding edge. In post binding, screws are used in much the same way as side stitching. In velo binding, a thin, flat piece of plastic runs the length of the bind edge on the front and back of the book, and thin plastic pegs attach the two through the pages of the book.


The vinyl covers can be silk screened or paper inserts can be printed and then inserted behind the clear covering of some ring-binders.


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